Artwork Requirements

  • CD (R-RW)
  • DVD (R-RW)
  • Flashdrives
  • Email – maximum 4mb
  • ftp upload – compressed larger files can be uploaded to our ftp site (contact us for details – max 50mb)
  • Proprietary ftp sites – alternatively these files can be sent via sites like U SEND IT.

We DO NOT accept documents from Word or Publisher for printing – these files are considered unstable and are unsuitable quality for print.

Acceptable files formats are:

  • tiffs, jpegs, psd
  • ai, eps, and pdf files are the most preferred for high quality large prints.

For truck curtains and high quality billboards, ai files at 10% with linked psd bitmaps at 10% and 400ppi will give good results and the smallest size file. Please accompany files with a printout or jpeg to check against.


If we have to edit files in any way TEXT MUST BE CONVERTED to CURVES – we cannot guarantee to have your fonts in our library.


If colour matching is required, Pantone colour numbers must be provided. We will then send a colour proof for approval.

If you need gel with any of the above please do not hesitate to give us a call.

Please note QUOTES ARE FREE but CREATON of ARTWORK will incur a nominal fee.

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