Our Latest  technology Printer prints your billboard at 1080 x 540dpi to give the sharpest image available on the market.

We print billboards of any type whether Frontlit, Backlit (double strike and or double-sided in reverse on the back), Blockout, Mesh, Ripstop, or Flame retardant.

Finishing can be plain, welded with Kedar, hemmed with eyelets and / or ropes, and sprayed with anti-graffiti if vulnerable to tagging. Our largest billboard to date is 28m x 7.3m.

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Banner Material comes in a variety forms

Frontlit – Frontlit is the most common material, there are two basic types Laminated and Coated. The laminated product is generally less durable and stiffer and is 440gsm. We use the coated material which is more flexible and comes in at 510gsm. Plain billboard skins are most often supplied 6m x 3m.



Backlit – Used obviously with backlighting in Illuminated situation.


Blockout – Used where it is desirable to keep back lighting out and  or prints on both sides.

RipStop – Is used in areas of high wind where strength is needed to resist tearing.

Mesh – Mesh can be used for high quality window displays or as a means to block views on a building site. It comes in any size.

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